Friday, 20 May 2011

Thank you for coming our exhibition and sale!

Many people have been visited to the cafe which is called "il cafe" for two weeks and several of them could not take a seat.

Our exhibition was a success and some of goods was sold out.

Thank you so much for coming to our exhibition and shopping.

And I have to say thank your patient and give us your time.

It was the special holiday for Japanese people in Golden week.

However it was not normal holiday for us and we always think about a lot of victims and pray.

We started a charity Red Gem project for Tohoku Japan from the first day of our exhibition and sale.

Artists joined it and their created goods are sold in a shop of the cafe for donating.

All of their proceeds was donated to Japan Red Cross by the cafe owner instead of ours.

It is not finish only this time and their goods sale in there

If you are interested our project, please join us.