Friday, 25 March 2011

0404nf Exhibition and Sale with Yui in Tokyo.

Japan were damaged by the huge earthquake and Tunami.

It past 15days after the horrible day...

And the ground is still shaking very often.

Fortunately my family and i am safe but we still worry about small earthquake and the nuclear.

A large number of people feel deeply sorrow for the disaster.

We ask by ourselves what we can for them every day.

However,We have to be getting better...

Nafo who is a jewel designer as hocof decided to tie up with a company for a charity of Japan.

We set up a group.

The group name is 0404nf. It come from birthday.

We are going to have an exhibition and sale for our designed in shop.

The shop is called "il cafe" in Tokyo.

Also Yui is an Artist will join us as il cafe staff.

We will sale our designed bags and accessaries and a part of their sales money donate to a organization.

This is the invitation of our exhibition.

If you interested this, check it out.

0404nf blog :

Hope Japan will get better as soon!