Saturday, 30 October 2010

1st Anniversary!

1st Anniversary!

My blog set up in last year.

I was struggling to make my way...

But I am happy to continue this blog and my own brand with my friends and family.

And I am deeply greatful to you my friends and family.

If Japanese words say..."Persistence is power" ("Keizoku wa chikara nari" in Japanese)

Recently Jelly fish bag is rising in popularity.

I decide to make the bags as "One of the aquarium series" more.

And My friend Nahoko who is hocof jewellery designer in Italy and I set up new blog in this year.

The blog is called "0404nf" (sorry japanese only)

In an Anniversary, Those bogs are called "Tapiro bags" was designed hocof for collaborate with FUMIE.

Tapiro small bag is w17.5×H21cm. Handle is 27.5cm.

Tapiro luchbox bag is w23×H17×D7. Handle is 29cm.

If you are interested in my designs, you can go to " My Shop" at Etsy from this blog!