New collection!

Champagne Tower 

豪華なChampagne Towerを思い切って生地にしてみました。

Champagne Tower Tote Bag
with 4 pockets

Champagne Tower Shoulder Bag
with 4 pockets

Gems  series

Gems Tote Bag
with 4 pockets

Suede Clutch Bag 


La caccia al tesoro
ラ カッシア アル テゾロ

イタリア語で「宝探し」を意味する La caccia al tesoro。




Arrived Magpie bag!

magpie bag (Lunch bag)




何かを集めたり、集まったりする事を「○ ○magpie」なんて言うそうです。






Inner : Navy and Light green



今回は久しぶりに、刺繍もちょこっと入っていますので(ロゴも入って)、女性向きなバックです。(Raddish colour back ラディッシュ色バック以来ですね)


Christmas Gift Show in ilcafe Kichijoji



恒例となりましたイルカッフェ 吉祥寺にて行われます。






Our exhibition will start from 9th December to 22nd December at il cafe in Kichijoji.

The cafe is like friend's house. It makes us comfortable.

The Christmas gif show will be created by three designers and an artist include me.

If you are interested about our handmade, also if  you are looking for some gift for your family and friends, you will find nice gift in there!

We have a closing party at 22nd December.

Open time 19:30 - 22:00.

Free drink, Free food (a snack)


2nd Anniversary!





12月9日より、2011年AW collectionを恒例となりました、イルカフェさん(吉祥寺)で展示販売会が行われます。

参加して頂く作家さんは、恒例のメンバーであるnafo (hocof) 、Yui (Yui Naka) 、Yuri ( Yuuri Omata)


このロゴは、0404nfグループのhocof (ホコフ)と私のブランドであるFUMIE(フミエ)の一周年用のロゴです。






My blog reached 2nd year at 30th October.

I have to say thank my customer, friends and family for your support.

I will report about my news and products more than before.

I have a good news for you.

I have 2011aw collection exhibition and sale from 9th December to 22nd December at il cafe in Kichijoji Tokyo.

Artists will be joined by nafo as hocof , Yui Naka as Yui and Yuuri Omata as Yuri.

This exhibition and sale will be as Christmas gift show and New year's gift.

This logo is for my friend bland "hocof" and my bland FUMIE on 1st anniversary 2011.

We set up a blog "0404nf " at 10th October last year as well.

The Anniversary Pouch and Charm are on sale  in the blog.


My website was completed!



" FUMIE 2009 "




" mum Jewelry "





Finally my website was completed last month.

" FUMIE 2009 "

It was so excited to show everyone about it.

The website is created by old friend as a jewelry and web designer.

Also she has her own website that she created.

" mum Jewelry "

It is only in Japanese but you can see some rare stones and beautiful designs on her website.

Check it out.


Thank you for coming our exhibition and sale!

Many people have been visited to the cafe which is called "il cafe" for two weeks and several of them could not take a seat.

Our exhibition was a success and some of goods was sold out.

Thank you so much for coming to our exhibition and shopping.

And I have to say thank your patient and give us your time.

It was the special holiday for Japanese people in Golden week.

However it was not normal holiday for us and we always think about a lot of victims and pray.

We started a charity Red Gem project for Tohoku Japan from the first day of our exhibition and sale.

Artists joined it and their created goods are sold in a shop of the cafe for donating.

All of their proceeds was donated to Japan Red Cross by the cafe owner instead of ours.

It is not finish only this time and their goods sale in there

If you are interested our project, please join us.



0404nf Exhibition and Sale with Yui in Tokyo.

Japan were damaged by the huge earthquake and Tunami.

It past 15days after the horrible day...

And the ground is still shaking very often.

Fortunately my family and i am safe but we still worry about small earthquake and the nuclear.

A large number of people feel deeply sorrow for the disaster.

We ask by ourselves what we can for them every day.

However,We have to be getting better...

Nafo who is a jewel designer as hocof decided to tie up with a company for a charity of Japan.

We set up a group.

The group name is 0404nf. It come from birthday.

We are going to have an exhibition and sale for our designed in shop.

The shop is called "il cafe" in Tokyo.

Also Yui is an Artist will join us as il cafe staff.

We will sale our designed bags and accessaries and a part of their sales money donate to a organization.

This is the invitation of our exhibition.

If you interested this, check it out.

0404nf blog : http://0404nf.blogspot.com/

Hope Japan will get better as soon!



This box is designed for my horse pouch!

I started making packages for each bags and accessaries.

I created some packages as graphic designer and I wanted use my skill for my bags one day...

The package can show an atmosphere of shop if there are the shop.

And you can take away them to home with the atmosphere.

Fortunately, I will have an exhibition of my bags in Tokyo from 29th April to 12th May.

In this time, They are in "ilcafe" and I will organize some designs for the cafe too.

My friend as the cafe shop staff will join some designs.

I'll show you some designs soon in this blog and Etsy!



Horse pouch!

This new horse pouch was inspired the birth of horse.

I heard that the birth of horse is always in dark night for getting out another animals.

When I saw beautiful and amazing situation, I got strong impression ever had.

The night was deeply dark blue night and the moon was shining brightly.

And a calf have crescent-shaped sign on his head.

The fabric was with horse silkscreen printing.

If you are interested in my shop, you can go to " My Shop" at Etsy from this blog!

Everything is designed and all handmade by FUMIE.


Jelly Fish New Tote Bag arrived!

This JELLY FISH TOTE BAG white and green was designed, printed and handmade as new colour.

The Jellyfish tote bag black was rising in popularity from last year.

I'm thinking to continue making Jellyfish design more.

The colour is used luminous paint so those jellyfishes is highlight in dark!

It will look like real jellyfishes in the aquarium.

Wish my design will be your up-lifting!

This bag is for sale at Etsy.

If you are interested in my designs, you can go to " My Shop" at Etsy from this blog!


Happy New Year 2011.

Happy New Year 2011!

Welcome to my blog in new year.

I started new day from Japan and I spent time Japanese traditional day.

I was in London, Manchester and Milan last year and I'm inspired a lot of thing in Europe.

When I design something, I'm always inspired from lifestyle.

The lifestyle is changing a day and a day but I love to find small "daily".

And It is going to be changed new...

Hope your happiness and success in this year.

I'll show you my designed bags as soon as possible.